Apple is redesigning its website for accessibility and adding videos

Apple made a change to its website dedicated to accessibility. This change takes place on the occasion of the World Day of People with Disabilities. It takes place every year on December 3rd.

Several categories are grouped together on Apple’s new website, highlighting the accessibility features of various products. In particular, there are features that have been available since iOS 14. Apple offers four categories: vision, mobility, hearing and recognition.

Among the highlighted features we find the magnifying glass and the larger font for seeing. Selection controls, device reset and AssistiveTouch ensure mobility. In terms of hearing, Apple mentions the fitting of headphones, MFi hearing aids, and real-time listening. In terms of detection, Apple talks about the Safari reader and the given content.

In parallel to the website, Apple is offering new videos on the subject of accessibility. The manufacturer offers a playlist on its YouTube Apple Support channel. So far there are 23 videos. The list will grow over time as new features become available with iOS updates.

The Apple accessibility website can be found at this address. You can find the YouTube playlist at this address.

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