iCloud: Robot calls masquerade as Apple

The US Competition Commission (FTC) warns of new robot calls related to Apple and Amazon in the US. People pose as both companies. The aim is to obtain identifiers and other personal information.

In Apple’s case, the robot names Masquerade as the manufacturer. They are aimed at branded customers and tell the person on the phone that their iCloud account has suspicious activity. The robot goes even further by claiming the iCloud account was hacked. The customer will then be prompted to press 1 on their phone to contact an Apple representative. He should help him. But as you can imagine, it’s not Apple. You have to be careful not to fall for it.

As the FTC explains, these robot calls for Apple customers are trying to get the iCloud account ID and password. The person on the phone can also request information, e.g. B. the credit card number. “This is a scam,” warns the FTC. She asks to hang up immediately.

It is similar with the message for Amazon customers. The robot deceives the customer that his Amazon account was used to buy an iPhone. The robot invites him to stay online to contact a so-called employee and verify the alleged purchase.

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