Apple Store: Delivery in 2 hours for € 5

The Apple Online Store offers an option for delivery in just two hours. This applies to some products and not to the entire catalog. As you can imagine, especially the “small” products (like the iPhone) are eligible for funding.

There are a few criteria to take advantage of this two hour delivery to Apple. The desired product must already be in stock in the Apple Store. In fact, the carrier will collect the order directly from an Apple Store and deliver it to you. The other condition is to live near an Apple Store. And again it depends on the cities. In Marseille, for example, Apple does not offer delivery within two hours, even though there is an Apple Store. However, this is the case in Paris and Lyon.

This two-hour delivery service at Apple is available through December 8th. If you need a product and have a hectic schedule, now is the time to take advantage of it. The price for delivery is € 5. As MacG notes, it’s typically $ 10, but Apple cut the price in half during this time of the health crisis.

Note that you can change the date and time at the time of payment. Everything is done in the Apple Online Store.

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