Anchor would be responsible for 80% of the new podcasts that will air on Spotify in 2020

A few months ago, Spotify bought Anchor, a platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing your podcast. One way for Spotify to get serious about the podcast market. The first numbers today show that this acquisition wasn’t a bad idea: 80% of the podcasts that aired on Spotify in 2020 were created by Anchor.

Anchor behind a million podcasts in 2020

The Anchor platform helped create over a million podcasts in 2020 alone. This is huge and it also shows how the podcast market is starting to grow. Of all podcasts on Spotify, Anchor accounts for 70%, which is 1.3 million podcasts out of a total of 1.9 million. According to Spotify, content created on Anchor is listened to more than others. The listening time would be longer.

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Mike Mignano, Head of Podcasting at Spotify, says the global podcast ecosystem is on the rise. He says, “I think people still tend to think of podcasting as some kind of little niche community, and I think the growth of 2020 has shown that it has grown well very, very quickly. beyond that, and that the medium has so much more breadth and depth than people realize. We have a feeling that there will be many, many, many new podcasts in the coming years. “

The podcast is entering new markets

According to the same report, we see that Anchor’s top five markets in 2020 are the US, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and the UK. If some countries aren’t a surprise, it’s amazing that Indonesia and Mexico move up in these top 5. If you take a closer look at the monthly increase in new emissions, the countries the podcast started in that are faster become: India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia. In India, Anchor saw average growth of 22% per month in 2020.

The podcast is therefore no longer a format reserved for the West, even if monetization is currently only available in the US. This means that despite the development of the market, the vast majority of creators who broadcast podcasts on Anchor are unlikely to make a living or even a low income. Mike Mignano declined to provide more information on when monetization could be rolled out to other markets. It goes without saying that this will not be long in coming.

Spotify ends a huge year

Together with the news from Anchor, Spotify looks back on a very good year. The Swedish company has made two major acquisitions. The first is that of The Ringer in February 2020. A media group founded in 2016 that now has more than 30 podcast shows, as well as a video production house that is the origin of recognized shows such as “NBA” Desktop “or” Talk The Thrones ” critical program of the Game of Thrones series.

The second acquisition is Megaphone’s for $ 235 million. An advertising platform specializing in podcasts, which aims to enable the Swedish online music giant to circulate part of the budget of the major brands that use megaphones on their own channels. We should also note the exclusive launch of The Michelle Obama Podcast, the historic signature from a show starring the Obama family.

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