With the CarPlay integration, Microsoft Teams arrive in your car

Microsoft Teams evolves with the introduction of new features to further improve the user experience. These include the integration of CarPlay, which enables the use of the collaborative communication service from the car, the routing of calls between mobile devices and desktop computers or a new call interface that is now displayed in a place just your contacts, your voicemail and your call history .

Microsoft Teams comes to your car with CarPlay

Microsoft Teams users have been asking for it for a long time, and the time has finally come: The collaborative communication tool from Redmond will soon support CarPlay. Thanks to this integration, you can make and answer calls directly from your car and have more flexibility in professional exchanges, even when you are on the move. Also note that Siri’s voice commands can be used to manage calls so drivers can use hands-free mode.

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For Android users, however, the time has come to be patient. Microsoft hasn’t released any information about automatic Android integration yet, but it seems obvious that this should come soon.

A more complete call interface

In addition to integrating CarPlay, Microsoft Teams are also taking the opportunity to get a makeover by introducing a new call interface. You want to be both simpler and more complete, and bring your contacts, voicemail and call history together in one place.

Demonstration of the new Microsoft Teams interface. Gif: Microsoft

In addition, Microsoft Teams lets you quickly transfer audio and video calls from a smartphone to a desktop computer. The tool also offers its users the option to record their meetings directly in SharePoint or OneDrive. With the introduction of all of these new features, Redmond has obviously focused on ease of use and flexibility in order to provide its users with a more comfortable and intuitive user experience.

So many improvements that will be very much needed if Microsoft Teams is to continue the momentum of its brilliant 2020. If the Covid-19 was largely profitable, particularly due to containment and forced teleworking, the arrival of a vaccine might as well have the opposite effect. The competitor Zoom has also paid the price: With the announcement of the vaccine by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the shares in the stock market fell significantly.

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