Apple reflects two Pro Display XDRs with feet

The Pro Display XDR is Apple’s monitor. It’s 32 inches, is 6K, and starts at € 5,499. It’s expensive, but it’s not that much when we compare it to equivalent models. On the other hand, there is one element that is very expensive: the foot. Apple charges it for € 1,099! Now the manufacturer is thinking about two feet for two screens side by side.

A patent shows what a Double Pro stand could be. We put two Pro Display XDRs, one on each foot, which are all connected by a rod. Knowing that the price of a Pro Display XDR + is € 6,598 a foot, we can expect some madness with two copies. The 10,000 euro mark is only achieved by purchasing two screens. If we add the Double Pro Stand …

The patent pictures show thumbwheels adjusting the height so that both Pro Display XDRs are on the same level. It is also possible to bring the screens closer or vice versa, depending on use. Always at the height of the bar there is a system of bending, like the shape of a V.

Since this is a patent, it is difficult to know when the product price will come out. It could never see the light of day. Indeed, a patent does not necessarily imply the existence of a product or service. In this case, the Double Pro Stand appears plausible for the two Pro Display XDRs.

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