A matte black MacBook? Apple is considering this in the future

Will we be entitled to a matte black MacBook Air or Pro in the future? It’s not impossible. Apple has applied for a patent with the American organization USPTO. It also includes iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

A matte black skin on a 16-inch MacBook Pro

In its patent, Apple talks about a matte black MacBook and the work that goes with it. The properties of the surface and the possible manufacturing processes are discussed. Specifically, according to Apple, the finish can be used on a number of metals and metal alloys, including aluminum, titanium, and steel.

The finish contains an anodized layer that “has randomly distributed light absorption properties and is intended to absorb visible light”. The layer contains pores “where the paint particles are infused”. The resulting surface is an intense and deep matte black.

If Apple is to be believed, it is anything but easy to offer a (actually) matt black MacBook. Some brands offer black computers that are closer to gray than anything else. One problem is that, in general, the glossier the finish the more “real” black. This reflects a large amount of visible light. By etching the surface of an anodized layer with pores, Apple can “generally absorb all visible light” for a truer black without adding gloss.

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