Microsoft offers, a platform that specializes in eSports events

With the takeover of, a platform for eSports events, Microsoft is diving further into the world of gaming. Although details of the deal were not disclosed, there is some evidence that the company’s new acquisition in Redmond will work closely with another of its companies, MSN eSports.

A platform to bring eSport communities together was founded in 2015 and is a special eSports event platform that offers “support and registration functions for online and live events, from LANs for 16 people to online tournaments with thousands of participants”. . In addition, the company frequently claims to work with “sponsors and game developers who want to connect with their gaming communities.”

A service that obviously caught Microsoft’s attention. In fact, announced the takeover by the Redmond company on Twitter. If the cost and details of the transaction were not disclosed, the platform nevertheless states that their team “will now benefit from more resources and support as a member of the Microsoft Content Services team.” However, she affirmed that “things will continue as usual” and that “both the community and the organizers of the tournaments can continue to benefit from the platform”.

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We are happy to announce that Microsoft has acquired today! 🎉🍾🎊 (1/3)

– (@smashgg) December 2, 2020

No direct statement has yet been made on the Microsoft side. On the other hand, MSN eSports (a company that is also part of the Redmond company) confirmed the agreement on its Twitter account, suggesting the two companies may work closely together in the future.

Good news to everyone! @smashgg joins Microsoft. Same great features for tournament organization. Same great team. Even more support and opportunities. Get ready to play!

– MSN Esports (@MSN_Esports) December 2, 2020

A game year full of new features for Microsoft

At Microsoft, 2020 was marked by important gaming events. We are thinking in particular of the release of the Xbox Series X, which marks the arrival of a new generation of home consoles, but also of the launch of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or the takeover of the Bethesda Studios (Fallout, The Elder) Scrolls, Dishonored) for 7 . $ 5 billion.

In the less good news, we also notice the abandonment of Mixer, the Redmond company’s streaming platform, in favor of a partnership with Facebook. A decision that will further strengthen the dominance of Twitch, which owned 91.1% of the video game streaming market in the third quarter of 2020 alone.

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