the free tool for creating fascinating stories on the web!

Stories are the new feature. All social networks are taking it over, recently Twitter and the arrival of the fleets. On the internet, some companies also use them outside of social networks to highlight products, promotions, etc. The format is appealing and is particularly valued by Google!

StorifyMe is a free tool that you can use to create and publish interactive story experiences. A handy tool for professionals but also for individuals to create interactive and impactful stories! StorifyMe thus offers the ability to create stories without the need to code design skills etc. Stories can be used on the web, but also on LinkedIn, Shopify or Instagram.

Exciting stories that are easy to create

StorifyMe works thanks to a drag and drop editor, which makes creating stories very easy. Lots of customization options are available: colors, fonts, animations … Lots of templates are also available to find inspiration as well as images to illustrate stories or videos!

Finally, a huge benefit of stories, the ability to include engaging elements like polls, swipes, quizzes, or even a rating widget, etc.!

After all, stories can be shared anywhere on the web: on social networks, on a website, by email, in Google search results, in short, where it is possible to post content! StorifyMe also offers a large number of dashboards to track interactions and general statistics.

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The tool is free to use. Paid offers are also available for $ 29.95 and $ 99.95, and offer a greater number of story views or even story programs, as well as surveys, quizzes, etc.

With StorifyMe you can create interactive and permanent content. Outside of social networks, the duration of stories is not limited to 24 hours. Finally, the final perk of stories created through StorifyMe, SEO, to get more traffic!

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