Apple Silicon: The next generation of chips can carry up to 16 cores!

The M1’s performance took the tech world by surprise. From Anandtech to Linus Torvald to all the YouTube nerds / geeks, the M1 has far exceeded all expectations and forecasts, including the most optimistic. And that’s probably just the beginning. If we are to believe Bloomberg, Apple is already working on a second generation of processors (M1x?) For 16-inch MacBook Pro, iMac or even Mac Pro. These processors can integrate up to 16 high-performance cores (compared to 4 cores of this type in the M1).

When you know that an M1 is already very close to some Intel Core i9s, it’s hard to imagine how much performance a powerful 16-core M1 could get. That’s not all: Apple would also test integrated graphics chips (iGPU) with 16 and 32 cores (compared to 8 cores in the M1). These iGPUs would be installed in the Apple Silicon of the MacBook Pro and iMac, which will be marketed in 2021. That is very promising! Finally, Bloomberg claims that Apple is already on the bridge for prototype chips with 64 or 128 cores, but these extremely powerful processors would only be planned for the high-end machines that will be launched in 2022. It smells like the crisis meeting at Intel.

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