Apple TV + is enriched with the SF thriller Dark Matter and the green documentary Extrapolations

Apple TV + will end up looking like something and slowly approaching the original 50 shows (which is more or less in line with what HBO’s programming at launch). The SVoD service is restoring the SF thriller Dark Matter, a feature film that went into preproduction at Sony in 2014. The synopsis (from a novel by Black Crouch) tells the story of Jason Dessen, a brilliant and reticent physicist who finds himself in an alternate reality after being kidnapped. The scientist is without a wife or children … but has achieved immense international fame in the scientific field.

The second shot relates to Extrapolations, a documentary series that deals with climate change. Scott Z. Burns – both screenwriter and director and executive producer on the project – states that this 10-part documentary will seek to “go beyond science and use drama, comedy, mystery and everything else.” Genres so that we can consider how every aspect of our world will change in the years to come. We know that the climate will change – “extrapolations” ask whether we can change too? “.

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