Apple Car production could begin in 2024

Over the years, the Titan Project has emerged a little more from the shadows. In February 2019, the apple brand submitted a seven-page report to the federal government to start presenting its electric car project. A Reuters report today suggests that production of the Apple Car could start as early as 2024.

A revolutionary battery

Apple has been working on a “revolutionary battery” for several years to bring its own electric vehicle to market in 2024, according to this famous report. We know the company pretty well and it’s not the type that cuts things in half. Reuters even speaks of a “superordinate design”. After having had just a little bit of information about Project Titan for years, this new report finally includes concrete details on the tech giant’s automotive plans.

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The heart of this future electric vehicle is a single cell battery. A technology that allows Apple to add more active material to the electric battery. You will understand that the little revolution Apple is preparing is based on autonomy. This is indeed key to democratizing electric vehicles, and Apple knows it.

The Cupertino company is also looking into the possibility of using a lithium iron phosphate battery. They’re probably less prone to overheating and don’t need cobalt. A detail that is not. In fact, more than 60% of the world’s cobalt supply comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo … mines famous for their use of child labor. Apple wants to avoid contributing to this.

Will the Apple Car really see the light of day?

According to information available to Reuters, this future electric vehicle will also have LiDAR sensors to understand its surroundings and likely to provide autonomous or semi-autonomous functions. Apple plans to reuse LiDAR sensors designed for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro. It seems Apple has come a long way since laying off 190 employees nearly two years ago. A wave of departure is certainly necessary to move Project Titan in a different direction. Hopefully the good one.

Reuters said Apple will surely use a company that specializes in making vehicles. This is where the partnership with Volkswagen could achieve its full significance. There is also another hypothesis to consider. The fact that Apple doesn’t make a car, it just develops technology. Specifically, that would mean that instead of building its own car like Tesla, Apple could work with established automakers to incorporate its technology into their vehicles. A bit like Apple CarPlay.

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