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As a designer, showing your work is important. Talking about it is good, but understanding a person’s style and seeing specifically what has been achieved requires a portfolio. Lots of people use Dribbble to showcase their work. However, Bogdan Slomchinskiy noticed that his work was hidden as he did not have a professional (and therefore paid) profile on the platform.

So he decided to create a site where any designer can show their work for free! To use Case, all you have to do is register on the platform to create your portfolio! To do this, you need a user name, a password and an email. Case is therefore a tool for designers made by a designer!

An alternative to Dribbble

Specifically, a profile for Case consists of two main parts: what concerns the person and then their work.
In the first part, a user can insert a photo, his first and last name, his job, where he lives, and a description.

In the same category

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In the part devoted to projects, the creations of each designer are displayed. By clicking on a project you can see what has been achieved, e.g. B. a landing page, a web application … and the various visual representations of the rendering.

For a project, you can enter a title, description, and link to the design, indicate whether other designers have worked on the project, and upload photos. The ability to add videos is expected soon.

The tool is free, but it is possible to make a donation to support the creator and development of the platform! Also, to download 5 images for a project, you need to pay a dollar a month. It is also possible to give feedback to Bodgan to improve Case!

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