China’s takeover needs to be critically examined: Federal cartel office expects further mergers in new year of economy

The Bundeskartellamt expects significantly more acquisitions and mergers this year than in previous years. “There is a lot of liquidity in the market, while many companies are in trouble due to the crown,” said Andreas Mundt, head of the Cartel Office at the Rheinische Post (Saturday edition).

It envisages a number of difficult practices: “This mixed situation can result in not only many but also competitively sensitive practices.”

However, he refuses to examine mergers only laxly because companies are in crisis because of Corona, Mundt said: “Merger control is a future-oriented structural control. So we must not use a different standard than in the past. “

His authority will critically examine whether Chinese companies should use the current turbulence to buy German companies: “In the future, we will have to be much more careful not to distort competition through state-subsidized takeovers.” (AFP)

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