This site provides a list of public APIs

There are two types of APIs in the market, also known as application programming interfaces: private APIs and public APIs. They serve the same purpose, but you cannot interact with them in the same way. Is a public API available to everyone and thus allows anyone to create an application or call the relevant API.

There are several tools to easily find the available public APIs. This is especially the case with public APIs, where you can easily find all of the public APIs available.

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A public API search engine

The site works like a search engine. All you have to do is enter the name of an API and define various options, e.g. B. a category, an API description or whether the API supports the HTTPS protocol or not.

For those who want to get straight to the point, a button lets you see the full list of all public APIs. Various information is displayed in the form of an API: a brief description, its category, HTTPS support, a link to the relevant API or a link to get the documentation of the API. ‘API in question.

Most of the APIs featured are free. The tool has had some success at Product Hunt, and the utility of the tool is particularly highlighted! The tool was voted product of the day on December 26, 2020. A dark mode is also available for those who want to navigate using a dark mode.

Github also has a list of all public APIs that are available for free and updated regularly. The data for the Site Public APIs comes from this list.

A handy list for those who want to create certain side projects and in other cases!

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