Switchy, the hotline solution that is very popular with entrepreneurs

The main problem for entrepreneurs, managers and the self-employed has always been a lack of time. They are rarely available, so they miss opportunities, fall behind in their projects, and cannot respond to requests in real time.

In order to offer you more availability than ever before, Absys has developed the service, the first hotline service for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small structures.

Prospects, customers, partners, employees and employees of entrepreneurs will never again encounter frustrating voicemail messages in the most critical times.

When the new generation attendant serves the freedom of entrepreneurs

However, to be free does not mean to be permanently available, on the contrary in fact. Time is precious and entrepreneurship requires a heavy investment in your own work.

There are many services that promise entrepreneurs to save time, focus on the essentials, and peacefully grow their business.

Switchy is one of them and brings up interesting arguments: a standard 6 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for optimal availability, extremely simple and fast setup, an affordable price even for individual entrepreneurs, a payment system for consumption and, above all, a recognized quality of service .

Technology doesn’t do everything, and it’s not a software revolution or disruptive artificial intelligence at work here: it’s a whole series that enables this service to deliver real added value to overworked entrepreneurs. .

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Switch between “reachable” and “not reachable” in 1 second

Everything is in the name of the solution: Thanks to its very simple operation, the entrepreneur only has to switch to his situation (reachable or unavailable) and the service adapts accordingly.
Either Switchy takes over without ever disturbing the entrepreneur, or he offers to bring him into contact with the conversation partners as a real switchboard. In both cases, Switchy sends him a message in real time.

Regardless of the situation, the caller always has a human answer on the other end of the phone and is never blocked in their approach.

Get your Switchy number and set up your personalized attendant in less than 5 minutes

Thanks to an attractive welcome offer, unlimited sponsorship and a consumer payment system with prepaid credits for a controlled budget in all circumstances, every entrepreneur or self-employed person can benefit from their own switchboard regardless of their budget.

Receive your Switchy number and activate your auto attendant within a maximum of 5 minutes. It is also important to note that this standard is not 100% automated as the contractor’s contacts are welcomed by people and professionals.

As soon as the service is active, the user receives a message after each call that he could not receive.

The whole advantage of Switchy therefore lies in the flexibility it offers, the permissible availability and the associated image gain: in fact, the company’s customers or prospects will never come across a cold answering machine again.

Switchy adapts to all situations to meet the expectations and needs of entrepreneurs who need themselves most to make themselves available. In addition to the web version of the service, an iOS and Android mobile application is available.

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