a free UI kit to start a project!

When launching a website or mobile application, it is important to think about the UI kit. The latter brings together all of the graphical and sometimes textual elements required for a project to develop properly. Since the UI is essential in any project, creating a UT kit will save you time!

Craftwork, of which several tools such as Palms, Flow Lava or 404 Illustrations have already been presented, has just released a new UI kit. The latter, called Deca UI KIT, is a free “clean and crisp” UI kit that contains the elements necessary to create design projects. A handy tool for designers, user interfaces …

How to create a relevant workflow!

One of the strengths of Craftwork’s new giveaway, the Deca UI Kit, is a library of 150 components that save time when dealing with graphics, popups, buttons …
In the kit we find important functions such as: automatic layout, a universal color palette, easy-to-edit components, adaptive graphics, etc.

The Deca UI Kit is compatible with Figma and Sketch. It is possible to download it for free while enjoying popups, graphics, 20 illustrations from the Stubborn Generator (a free character generator), etc. Before downloading, all components of the Deca UI Kit can be previewed to ensure the latter meets the desired requirements.

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