Users could not log in: huge problems with the Slack – Wirtschaft courier service

Slack users are currently seeing an error message when they sign in: There are problems connecting to the servers. Among other things, users had problems logging in and sending messages.

The failure began on Monday afternoon at European time – when the working day began in many places in the USA. The reasons initially remained unclear.

The company acknowledges problems with Twitter: “There may be a problem logging in or retrieving messages. Our team is working on it and we will keep you informed. Sorry to bother you!”

Companies use messenger for internal communication and are now dependent on it when many employers work from home. It is still not clear when the fault will be rectified.

The problems are also inconvenient for Slack, as the company is currently negotiating a sale. Enterprise software giant Salesforce wants the acquisition announced in December to cost about $ 28 billion. (Tsp, DPA)

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