the free tool for optimizing presentations on Zoom

Make presentations, yes. However, for some time now these have mostly been done online, especially with Zoom and other video conferencing tools. Hence, it is important to redouble the effort to get the attention and involve the audience in front of whom the presentation is taking place. !

That’s why there’s pizazz. With this free tool, which is still in its early stages, you can create high quality virtual presentations in three very simple steps.

No more boring presentations on Zoom

First, you need to download the presentation in question in order to use Pizazz. Then you have to choose a background. The idea is that the presentation appear behind the person presenting it so as not to be distracted by other elements. The user can present the various slides in real time, just like in a meeting room. Pizazz offers several background templates to make the latter sober but relevant.

Zoom: How can I share a presentation as a virtual background?

To share a presentation as a virtual background for Zoom, do the following:

Click the green “Share My Screen” button. In the settings, click on “Advanced”. Select the option “Slides as virtual background”. Select the relevant Power Point presentation. Open it to see it

To use this option, you must be using an updated version of Zoom.

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As mentioned above, pizazz is free for a limited time. The tool should be paid for in the coming weeks. Pizazz has already convinced a large number of users such as companies such as Wix, Zell or SolarEdge.

The feedback on the tool is positive. Many say that thanks to pizazz, presentations are more professional and allow you to break the ice when you start the presentation instead of just using screen sharing.

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