A robust tool for reading, editing, organizing, annotating or converting PDFs on iPhone and iPad

PDF is one of the most popular document formats in the world. The uses are numerous, even if using all of them, especially on iPhone and iPad, can be complicated: loss of quality, inability to work in a scanned format, illegible or invisible source file … There are different solutions, but those from Wondershare, PDFelement , proves to be a great accelerator for people who want to make the format easier to use.

PDFelement is designed to solve all of these problems and to work with PDFs on all Apple devices.

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The tool is considered a benchmark in this area and on the professional side has customers such as Hitachi, Bombardier and Deloitte, who enable the latter to completely revolutionize the creation, editing, reading and organization of PDFs.

Overview of the main functions of this new iOS version!

An ergonomic reader for iPhone and iPad with many functions

IOS users know that viewing a PDF file, given the right conditions, can be a cross on their iPhone or iPad. PDFelement is the specialist in this type of format and with its new dedicated version offers all the comforts of reading. The advice is ergonomically designed and the user can easily search, scroll, enlarge and reduce his PDF files vertically or horizontally.

I am thinking in particular of newspaper readers in PDF format. Reading the articles can be a hassle at times, and PDFelement is designed for the best viewing experience. Day – Night – Sepia options allow you to read PDF documents in the best conditions wherever and whenever the user wants.

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An intuitive tool for creating and editing PDF format on iOS

Working in PDF format can be tricky, especially on devices like the iPhone or iPad. Here, too, the PDF specialist comes in handy and removes a sacred thorn from the foot.

PDFelement offers the possibility to create or import a PDF file by scanning. The format can then be changed and made “functional”, even if it came from a scan, without having to go back to the source file. The user can rotate the pages, delete them, insert others or simply replace the elements on the pages. Of course, it can also change the font, color, or style of text without changing the original layout of the document.

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An app that makes collaboration, reviews, and annotations easy

PDFelement enables interactivity in a format that is often incorrectly used for reading only. Therefore, the solution is equipped with PDF review and annotation functions. The user can thus comment on the PDF document by adding comments using a creative annotation system. There are several options available, such as: B. Underline, color or add stickers / stamps.

The PDFelement application designed for iOS thus enables feedback on a sent document by performing a review and then resending it. Useful for a professional presentation validation (Hello PowerPoint), but also for visual presentations for campaigns, a course as a student, etc.

Finally, PDFelement also offers, and this is a rather interesting option, the ability to fill out forms in PDF format, but also to sign contracts with electronic signatures. This type of operation is made possible by the know-how of the solution in this area that the company is now making available to users of iOS devices.

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The solution, which claims 2 million users and 100,000 enterprise customers, offers a tool at the forefront of PDF work with this new version of PDFelement for iOS.

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