You can use this tool to create a roadmap, announce updates, and collect customer ideas.

Managing a product requires a certain organization. There’s a lot to do between updates to the latter, the roadmap for predicting the progress of the product, or even gathering new ideas for good development! Without forgetting the management of the teams, the fact that you have to be accountable to various stakeholders … It is necessary to demonstrate a large organization.

To simplify this administration and improve communication, there are tools such as Productstash. Thanks to the latter, product managers can develop and personalize roadmaps, announce product updates and news, and collect ideas from customers directly. A complete tool that makes it possible to inform all stakeholders of any novelty and ideal for product managers, agencies and marketing professionals!

The tool that improves communication for product managers

For example, for the collection of ideas, Productstash enables the collection and prioritization of ideas for a product. This allows the community to submit ideas and vote on what leads to valuable ideas.

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In terms of creating a product roadmap, the tool makes this step easier by offering public roadmaps that anyone can use to follow the development of the project! Roadmaps can be personalized with a company’s colors.

In order to announce new products or product updates, these can simply be published via an interactive widget in order to communicate with as many people as possible.

Productstash is a paid tool that is currently offered for promotional purposes. For only 69 US dollars instead of 299 US dollars, it is possible to get lifelong access to the tool and at the same time add an unlimited number of contributors, roadmamps, products …!

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