7 levers to improve your product experience

Akeneo, a leader in Product Information Management (PIM) software, believes that improving the product experience necessarily requires internal changes and offers you seven tips to put the customer at the heart of your branding strategy. This white paper is based on a study by OpinionWay for Akeneo and Accenture. According to the report, only 7% of customers are truly satisfied with the product information during their shopping trip … the need for improvement is enormous!


The product experience is a real strategic lever

In particular, if you download this white paper, you will find that 66% of French people estimate the technical characteristics of a product during a “purchase with” and 46% value its description. There is no longer any doubt: “Product content” is now an essential lever for integrating yourself into your considerations about the buying journey.

In his whitepaper, Akeneo recalls the importance of thinking the product before the rest. The field studies carried out by OpinionWay support the company in this idea.

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With this e-book you can optimize your sales strategy thanks to:

A better understanding of your consumers’ buying journey and their expectations for product information. Mastery of the codes of your various channels and data, adapted to each context. The assimilation of the term “brand values”, which becomes the determining element of the purchase act. Original and innovative sales experiences that set you apart. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER

Tips to improve your brand’s product experience

Virginie Blot, Product Experience Management Evangelist at Akeneo, emphasizes: “A PIM (Product Information Management) solution serves a defined multi-channel strategy by enabling the preparation and contextualization of product information. You can distribute customized content across different channels more quickly. ”

In this premium content, Akeneo develops 7 key tips to improve your product experience:

1. Analyze the buying journey of your customers
2. Invest in channels that are popular with your target audience
3. Pay attention to the technical information and descriptions of your products
4. Contextualize your product information
5. Improve the product information on your social networks
6. Share your brand values
7. Create new experiences in business and beyond

The study conducted by Opinionway and the analysis conducted by Akeneo in this whitepaper will enable you to see what your customers expect from your product information much more clearly.


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