Doctolib projects in Italy

In 2021 Doctolib opens up a new European market. After Germany in 2016, it is therefore a new stage in the international expansion of this company, which was created in France in 2013. The fundraising of 150 million euros in March 2019 enabled a valuation of over one billion euros and should, among other things, help establish itself in new countries. The company is therefore dependent on Italy.

In fact, several positions are open, including at least two in Milan. The first employee should be a technical services manager to lead the local growth strategy and build a team of solution engineers. Doctolib is also looking for a Sales Excellence Analyst to structure the sales organization. Other positions are to be filled to work in the Italian market, but from the company’s second headquarters in Berlin. However, the communications department did not want to confirm the information: “We are examining the different countries in which we could develop in Europe and beyond. This reflection at Doctolib is still ongoing and the teams are exploring multiple countries. We currently have no confirmed plans. “

The company currently has 1,500 employees in France and Germany and would hire around 500 people in 2021. This evolution comes at a time when the young growth, now unicorn, mainly due to the rapid growth of telemedicine in 2020. Indeed, Doctolib launched its teleconsultation services with 4.5 million procedures between March and September 2020 in France, that is 45 times more than in all of 2019. On the other hand, the internationalization of the business is being conducted more cautiously than expected a few years ago. In 2015, CEO Stanislas Niox-Chateau had the ambition to launch the platform in 6 countries within 18 months.

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For its part, Italy, which has been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, should be the first beneficiary of the EU’s next-generation recovery plan by receiving € 209 billion in loans and subsidies. The Italian investment and reform plan must be completed by April 30, 2021. The project, presented to the Council of Ministers on December 6, planned to provide 9 billion euros for health care, including 4.8 billion euros. in terms of local aid and telemedicine and 4.2 billion for innovation projects and the digitization of medical aid.

However, Doctolib will not be alone in the medical appointment and online consultation market. The Polish group DocPlanner, which offers its services in a dozen countries in Europe as well as Latin and Central America, is also present in Italy via the platform. However, MioDottore’s telemedicine service, launched in March 2020, recorded around 140,000 online visits in seven months when Doctolib hit 100,000 video views per day. Likewise, the French had 250 million appointments made on the platform in 2019, while the company, which is a leader in Italy, recorded 2.5 million.

However, when the job description of the first recruit mentions building a local team from the ground up, the European sector of online medical appointment making, almost all of which has started teleconsultation, has often been the subject of market consolidations and company acquisitions. In 2018, Doctolib bought Mondocteur to become the only major player in France. DocPlanner, for its part, conquered the Spanish markets via Doctoralia in 2016 and the Turkish one with Eniyihekim in 2014. The Luxembourg-based Doctena is even basing its expansion strategy on the acquisition of its competitors and is now established in the Benelux countries, Austria and Germany.

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