VW Group more popular than Tesla: For the first time, more electronic cars were sold in Norway than internal combustion engines – the economy

Last year, for the first time, more electric cars were sold in Norway than vehicles with petrol, diesel or hybrid engines. In 2020, electric vehicles accounted for 54.3 percent of all new cars sold in the country – a world record, according to the Norwegian Road Transport Association on Tuesday.

In the previous year, the share of E in new registrations was 42.4 percent. The most popular were the electric models of the Volkswagen Group, which outperformed their American competition Tesla.

Norway has long supported the sale of electronic cars and has set itself the goal of not allowing internal combustion engines from 2025 onwards. “Our preliminary forecast is that electric cars will reach a market share of 65 percent in 2021,” said Christina Bu of the Norwegian Association of Electric Vehicles, an e-mobility lobby group. “If we can do that, the goal of selling only zero-emission cars by 2025 will be within reach.”

Norway provides many benefits to electric car owners among its five million inhabitants – such as the exemption of import duties and taxes on electric cars. In addition, electric car owners do not pay tolls on motorways and can use bus lanes in cities. Stromer largely pays no fee for parking in public car parks.

Last year, a good 141,000 new cars appeared on the roads in Norway, of which approximately 76,800 were fully electric.

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The reason for the breakthrough of e-mobility in the northern European country is therefore a number of measures. The charging stations themselves do not seem to exist anymore: The consulting firm Berylls emphasizes that mathematically, about nine electronic cars have to share a charging station in Germany, while there are 23 in Norway.

“The network of public charging stations is obviously not only thinner than in Germany, but also much busier,” says Berylls automotive expert Andreas Radics. “Although they are now waiting at the charging stations, the boom of electric cars in Norway continues.”

Audi with E-tron models in front

Sales of battery-powered cars have accelerated in the last few months of last year, reaching a peak of 66.7 percent in a single month, according to the Norwegian Road Transport Association, in December.

In 2020, the list of the best-selling electronic cars was maintained by the VW Audi subsidiary with its e-tron models. Tesla, which is still ahead with the compact Model 3 in 2019, came in second. This year, the American electric car manufacturer wants to launch the Model Y SUV. (Reuters)

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