The best techniques, tips, and steps for writing a creative letter!

Nowadays, when you start a creative project, it is important to have a brief overview. Why ? In order not to go around everywhere, to formulate ideas and not to go in the wrong direction when carrying out a project.

However, according to an internal Bynder report on the creative industry, only 25% of new projects start with a creative assignment. A mocking part when you know its importance and benefits. Difficulty creating an order is one of the main reasons why it doesn’t develop.

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To solve this problem and offer relevant Creative Briefs as a guarantee of a project that starts on the right foot, Bynder offers a whitepaper in the form of a guide that describes the steps and best practices for writing a good Creative Brief. .


What is a creative assignment?

Before figuring out what a letter should contain, or how it should be written, you need to remember what a creative letter is. In a creation project, the creative brief is the first step in defining and framing the project. This document presents the key facts, goals, strategy, constraints and budget. The assignment is then sent to one or more agencies, a team, or a freelancer who then have to make a suggestion from this document.

Bynder, releasing a solution to work more effectively with a digital asset management solution that stores, manages and shares multimedia content, makes it easier for companies like Puma, SEB, IcelandAir or even Five Guys to implement creative projects on a daily basis. Based on this feedback, Bynder provides you with a handy guide that summarizes the best advice for developing your creative mission.

The main features of the creative order

As the name suggests, the creative assignment should be fairly short. It takes a page or two and should be easy to read and understand! It is necessary to limit yourself to writing the brief so that only the information that is essential for the development of the project is available. He needs to understand a few key points that Bynder describes in detail in his white paper. It is also important to present the promise, which is what the target needs to remember from the project in question: advertising campaign, new product … and the expected emotions. You must also take inspiration from the letter. The idea is not to let teams start from a blank sheet of paper. The creative assignment and its construction must be the result of an exchange and discussion between the various project participants.

These functions prevent misunderstandings and provide the recipient with unnecessary details. Download Bynder’s whitepaper to learn the basics of the letter.


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