Meat consumption in Germany: Agriculture Minister Klöckner rejects government regulation – economy

During this legislative period, the Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) wants to outline the direction of the transformation of livestock breeding into welfare and is playing with an excise tax to make meat more expensive. “I can very well imagine the animal welfare tax on meat and sausages,” said Klöckner Tagesspiegel. The Minister rejects another government regulation restricting the consumption of animal products.

55 percent of consumers are already flexitarians who consciously avoid meat from time to time. “Consumers in Germany are eating more and more varied food,” Klöckner told Tagesspiegel. “So what consumers don’t need are government regulations for private shopping lists.”

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A year ago, an expert commission set up by Klöckner under former Agriculture Minister Jochen Borchert proposed a price premium of 40 cents per kilogram of meat or sausages to finance the renovation of stables. Klöckner then commissioned a feasibility study to examine the introduction of such an animal welfare tax or excise duty. The results of the study will be presented in February or March.

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