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Today’s Outlook email service is a bit of a mess. It is difficult to navigate between native applications on Windows, the web version, mobile applications and those specific to Mac. Especially since they are not all compatible with each other. To see things more clearly and offer a more practical solution (or even compete with Gmail with Gmail), Microsoft appears to be working on a new version of Outlook that will focus on the web.

Windows Central reports this in any case. The client, which is known by the code name “Project Monarch”, could replace the native “Mail” and “Calendar” applications of Windows 10 and, in a second step, the numerous Outlook applications. According to a version of the application that made it onto the Internet, it was specially developed for “big screen experiences”.

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– Richard Hay (@WinObs) January 4, 2021

Towards a Streamlining of Outlook?

If Redmond had been a pioneer in managing personal information with Outlook, Microsoft Outlook and its various versions are now way behind Google’s leader in Gmail. It must be said that there are a wide variety of applications and versions of the messaging service: On Windows 10, two standard applications, “Mail” and “Calendar”, allow you to manage your emails and agenda. However, these are used very little for the web version of Outlook and the Outlook application which offer more services. We need to add other versions for Mac, iOS and Android as well.

To compensate for this inequality, Microsoft has been trying for some time to tweak Outlook by bringing all of its features together in one place, like Outlook Spaces could. During the Ignite conference in September 2020, Lynn Ayres, Vice President of Outlook, announced that Outlook would be a “personal calendar,” a tool that could be more closely integrated into teams. At the time, the Vice President made no mention of the Monarch project, but said that one of the short-term priorities was to give intelligence users more opportunities to express themselves.

A first version of One Outlook at the end of 2021?

With regard to “One Outlook” we can only speak to a limited extent at the moment, the digital giant has not yet made any announcement. The application is still in a very early stage of development. Even the version that made it onto the web can only be opened with an internal Microsoft account. In the company it is even reserved for “brave dog fooders”, that is to say, a very small group. Windows Central says users could preview the new “One Outlook” client by the end of the year. However, the latter will not replace the native applications (“Mail” and “Calendar”) before 2022. The site also states that Microsoft intends to replace the old Outlook Win32 client, but in the “much more distant” future. .

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