You can easily record your screen and webcam using this tool

With teleworking, video has become indispensable. Whether it’s video conferencing, live, or just screen sharing, everyone is using this type of tool. Problem, sometimes you need to download software, register or manage permissions, etc. Steps that can get slower! Today it is a very simple tool that facilitates the screen and webcam sharing that we offer.

The tool for recording is offered by the Keevi team. Keevi is a content tool that allows you to find or download content, reuse it and finally publish it on different platforms.
This tool arose from an internal need of the team that records and sends a lot of recordings or screen shares. While there are already very powerful live screen sharing tools like Zoom or Loom, the goal was to find something faster.

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Almost instant admission

The tool designed is a simple version of a screen recorder and webcam. To record, simply click the blue “Start Recording” button and choose what to record, e.g. B. screen, webcam or both. Then you have to accept the sharing and let’s go!

No software download required

Once the recording is over, you can download the video, re-record it, or just share it using the link that you just need to copy and that’s it! Note that the videos will remain available for 7 days.

The advantage of this tool is that it is completely free. In the future, new functions will be developed, e.g. B. Editing functions with which the video can be changed, cut, annotated before sending, a Chrome extension, but also landing pages can be added.

In addition, you can start a live streaming from your browser and send the link with one click. Anyone with the link can watch the video live.

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