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Email remains the main channel for marketing communications in 2020. Quite logical when you consider that 3.9 billion people are using it today, a number that should continue to grow to reach 4.3 billion users in 2023 (Statista).

When we look at the ROI of this communication channel, we understand why Forrester believes that the accessibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of email will drive companies to increase their investment in technology. For every euro spent, the return on investment is € 42, according to the Data & Marketing Association, an increase of € 10 over the previous study.

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However, with the increase in mobile usage, SMS is not left out and proves to be impressive when coupled with email in an omnichannel strategy! The main difficulty therefore lies in the ability to run campaigns, which raises sub-problems: how can data be centralized? Collect and manage contacts? Send personalized email and SMS campaigns to these profiles? Automate messages with dynamic scenarios? Perform dynamic and activatable monitoring and reporting of performance?

With 20 years of experience in data and messaging marketing issues, 800 supported companies such as Orange, Bordeaux Métropole or Grand Chambery, Dolist offers an email and SMS relationship marketing platform as well as marketing automation for professionals: “Strong since 2000, Dolist has, due to its many years technical and marketing expertise, designed a tool based on customer feedback and the know-how of its teams, so Campaign, a digital marketing platform, was founded in 2018 to make it easier for professionals to deliver relationship marketing campaigns. An intuitive and efficient routing solution for e-mail and SMS marketing to build lasting relationships with your customers and at the same time optimize the ROI of your actions, ”explains Jean-Paul Lieux, co-founder of Dolist.

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Features tailored for streamlined email and SMS marketing campaigns

The campaign is based on various unified marketing blocks that interact and influence each other to develop a database collection and management strategy on which to base email and SMS marketing campaigns. The platform is enriched and self-supporting by importing files, fields, forms, etc. This means that increasingly personalized operational actions (creation of messages, targeting, sending campaigns, statistics) can be carried out …).
An interactive database linked to other organizational tools

The campaign initially makes it possible to centralize and manage a database of contacts that can be imported directly into the platform, for example manually via Excel or thanks to an automatic import (FTP or API) that allows data synchronization between the platform and the ecosystem the tools used by its partners: ERP, CRM, business solution, etc.
The API is one of Campaign’s strengths. Users who so choose will save a lot of time by accessing the various campaign features through their preferred user interface.

If everything is customizable in the granularity of the contact profiles, this information is then used to create segments and enriched with new data from campaigns launched by Campaign, making them more and more relevant afterwards.

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A form editor for managing registrations and qualifications

Gathering and qualifying contact information is the chord of war in this age of hyperpersonalization of messages. For example, if the average open rate of an email is 21%, it jumps to 50% if the subject is personalized (Yes Lifecycle Marketing, 2019). The whole point is therefore to expand your contact base and enrich it with new information. Thanks to its intuitive form editor, the campaign opens up extremely interesting possibilities with all the essential functions for collecting and enriching a contact database.

The forms can be easily edited and integrated into all corporate media (app, blog, website, POS terminal, etc.). The campaign also allows the establishment of automatic confirmation emails to the contact in parallel with the notification of the teams. The solution enables precise management of the roles of users in an organization or project.

These new entry points into the contact base are accompanied by cleanup functions. Campaign thus offers the option of automatically deduplicating contacts, identifying countries based on the telephone code or even correcting syntax errors in emails or domain names, etc.

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An innovative, responsive drag and drop email builder

The campaign platform includes a powerful email builder thanks to the acquisition of Welkom Editor in 2019. The responsive design is optimized for deliverability with many customizable template blocks. The special solution is compatible with Campaign, which guarantees the HTML code.

Optimized targeting options for email and SMS campaigns

The contact base and the fine granularity of the collected and categorized data enable Campaign to offer users an extremely interesting target group approach with several conditions. Thus, all criteria can be combined to generate the most relevant segmentations and to send a personalized message to the contacts.

The user can thus filter for contact information, purchases or previous behavior from previous campaigns, but also for data relating to communication channels, etc.

Campaign does not abandon the SMS and offers an editor that allows you to personalize and preview the message (length, mobile display, consideration of variables, etc.) as well as plan campaigns.

E-mail and SMS can of course be combined in campaigns.

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Automate your email and SMS scenarios

With Campaign you can organize your marketing automation thanks to the orchestration of scenarios in a clear and user-friendly module.

Everything is configurable and adaptable to the specifics of the customer life cycle of any organization.

As mentioned above, the solution has the ability to combine email and SMS campaigns so that two channels can be played by adjusting the language and triggers.

From dashboards for campaign analysis to advanced indicators

With Campaign, you can view and monitor the overall performance of email and SMS campaigns. The indicators (delivery, openings, clicks, reactivity, but also behavior …) enable a quick understanding of the results of actions. The statistics are supplemented by a heat map to identify hot click areas and optimize the design of future campaigns.
Finally, the Dolist teams have also developed an algorithm, the IGQ for Global Quality Index, to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of campaigns.

A mix of technologies and services

Dolist’s commitment is to link its campaign platform with bespoke and bespoke support that meets the needs of its partners, including their involvement in building future features. Dolist completes its range of solutions with ad hoc services for its partners with specific requirements. The often neglected support in the software area is again the focus here. Dolist starts from the observation that marketing technologies cannot be fully utilized by users without assistance in deploying, managing and optimizing their campaigns. For this reason, the company has provided a range of flexible and customizable services (support and deliverability advice, workshops and marketing advice, email design studio, HTML email integration, etc.).

The offer thus becomes truly adaptable, personalized and tailor-made for an identified need of each company.

Some other strengths complete an already extensive offer:

A self-financed technology that develops and hosts its data in France. Mastery of deliverability and reputation of the sender for 20 years. Commitment to the fight against spam and to the good circulation of legitimate e-mail messages (Member of M3AAWG, Messaging) Working group on combating malware and mobile abuse) A technology that is subject to regular intrusion tests and is supported by a comprehensive general IT security policy is framed.

The campaign platform is constantly evolving and regularly updated with extended functions such as transactional emails that have just been published. The goal? Respond as precisely as possible to the changing needs of the market and professionals.

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