A hot and free real-time dashboard to keep track of the price of Bitcoin

To say it right now without being cryptoskeptical, I totally miss the trend of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. It reminds me of my regrets three years ago when all my friends were tap dancing because it climbed sharply on their crypto wallet. Suffice it to say I haven’t invested since, and I regret it once again because the tap dancing sound has resumed. This means that the price of Bitcoin is going up and not seeming to go down.

I hope you are kind enough not to read an article by a Bitcoin newbie, but here is a topic that might interest you: Bitbo, a dashboard for Bitcoin that is mobile-responsive and free, quite elegant and the most important indicators of interest to users who want to know the price of bitcoin in real time or in real time.

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Bitbo: A free Bitcoin dashboard that summarizes all the interesting data on the subject

I was leisurely strolling ProductHunt sipping terrible coffee when I came across this Bitcoin dashboard. It’s unlikely that I’m interested in the paper except to grossly salt my injuries as a non-investor, other than that the tool for tracking the price of Bitcoin is pretty well positioned in terms of opinion. positive comments, and there is actually an interest in stopping to pay attention.

The dashboard was created by Christopher Gimmer, co-founder of Snappa (this is important) and is easy to read. It has a clean design and is elegant at the same time. It’s pretty understandable when we know that Snappa is a tool for making pretty graphics for the web based on templates.

The goal of the team behind the Bitbo Real-Time Bitcoin Dashboard is to summarize important data about Bitcoin in a uniform dashboard with the best possible reading experience on the desktop or on the mobile phone.

Bitcoin market stats, blockchain stats, difficulty stats, mining stats, estimates of fees and stats on pools, exchange traded products, or even stats on Bitcoin versus gold – the Bitcoin dashboad seems pretty exhaustive. It is also possible to have the data in different currencies: dollars, euros, yen, pounds …

A great way to keep track of the price of Bitcoin between two tap dancing sessions …

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