New Dell monitors have a Microsoft Teams button

As the health crisis has exploded the use of video conferencing services and collaborative communication platforms, Dell is adapting to the new needs of its customers. In fact, next month the manufacturer will be releasing a new line of monitors specifically designed for video calling that include a Microsoft Teams button.

In 2020, video conferencing has become indispensable

Between restrictions, border closings, and social distancing, 2020 will have put social interactions to the test. In this context, technology has proven, more than ever, to be an essential means of maintaining connections with our loved ones, but also with our colleagues.

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Video conferencing services, for example, posted record highs last year. Zoom in particular has developed from relative anonymity into one of the most important platforms for the health crisis. Another telling example is that of Logitech, which saw a surge in deals thanks in particular to the surge in webcam sales.

Collaborative work platforms also had their share of the cake. With teleworking mandatory for millions of people around the world, Slack broke records and Microsoft Teams exceeded 115 million users per day. A phenomenon that creates important new opportunities that Dell have not missed.

Dell is getting closer to Microsoft teams

A few days before the start of CES 2021, manufacturer Dell announced the launch of a new range of monitors that are certified by Microsoft Teams. A total of three models will be available next month at prices of $ 520, $ 720 and $ 1,150: the C2422HE (a 24-inch screen in Full HD), the C2722DE (a 27-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16: 9)) and the C3422WE (a 34-inch screen).

All have a 5 Mpx pop-up webcam, 5 W speakers, a noise-canceling microphone, and a button that allows one-touch access to Microsoft’s collaborative service. Note that the application can also be started with a voice command.

It is clear that Dell has been able to leverage the trend created by the health crisis to develop products that are adapted to the new needs of its customers. Impressive responsiveness that could pay off for both the manufacturer and Microsoft.

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