Logo, website … The CIA is being revised

In the United States, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) decided to change their logo while promoting a new website. Objective: to restore the image and attract new minority recruits … At the moment the operation is not very successful: while many Internet users laugh at the agency’s new logo, others remind them of their troubled past.

The new CIA site features cleaner typography, featuring women, young people, blacks, and Hispanics with a very patriotic tagline: “We are the nation’s first line of defense”. Much more minimalistic than the previous one, the new logo got the reaction of Twitter users who compared it to the cover of an album with … electronic music.

New possibilities are approaching. #DiscoverCIA

– CIA (@CIA) January 2, 2021

But why such a turnaround? It seems that the American agency wants to leave behind the image it has broadcast since its inception in 1947: an organization made up entirely of white and wealthy men from Ivy League universities, including Harvard, Yale in particular and Princeton again. Although the CIA has diversified in recent years, the number of minority groups remains lower than the rest of the federal labor force in the United States (25% versus 37%). .

Last year, however, the agency hired its executive director for Hispanic Engagement, Ilka Rodriguez-Diaz, a woman who had been with the CIA for more than three decades: “The CIA has never been in my eyes. . I didn’t think I fit the “profile”. After all, the spies I saw on TV were Anglo-Saxon men from the Ivy League, not New Jersey Latinos, ”she wrote in a Miami Herald article after getting the job. last october. Note that Gina Haspel has headed the CIA since 2018, making her the first woman to hold this post.

With this campaign, the organization is hoping to give a good image to the new generations, but as Vice notes, it is particularly liable to some of the minorities it is looking to hire, particularly through its various actions carried out in South America during the campaign Cold war, can be a problem …

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