Facebook and Ray-Ban will introduce their first connected glasses in 2021

Andrew Bosworth, director of augmented reality and virtual reality at Facebook, said the connected glasses developed in collaboration with Ray-Ban will be unveiled in 2021. However, he does state that they are unlikely to come with augmented reality technology once released.

Connected glasses without augmented reality for 2021

For several years, Facebook has been working with the French-Italian world market leader Essilor Luxottica to launch the first Ray-Ban brand smart glasses in 2021. Facebook is committed to creating elegant glasses that will also give individuals an enriched vision of the surrounding reality. This is the ultimate goal of this smart glasses project: the implementation of augmented reality technology. However, according to Andrew Bosworth, this technology will not be available when the attached glasses are released.

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Andrew Bosworth says, “These will be smart glasses, they will certainly have a lot of functionality, but augmented reality functionality is unlikely to be immediately available. We prefer to be careful in this area. We’re very excited, but we don’t want to say too much. We don’t want to talk about augmented reality just yet, but simply about “networked glasses”.

Don’t miss the “next big platform”

The social media giant invested significant funds in developing this project. In particular through the acquisition of the Oculus company. Facebook’s virtual reality and augmented reality teams consist of more than 6,000 employees. They are more numerous than the employees who work on Instagram and WhatsApp, two applications that nonetheless have billions of users around the world. Proof that Facebook relies heavily on this area.

Facebook’s smart glasses must be able to connect the digital and physical world through one lens. It’s a topic that fascinates tech giants. Google and Snapchat have already tried to bring a similar product to market. We particularly remember the partnership between Gucci and Snapchat to bring Spectacles 3D glasses to market. Apple is there too. The partnership between Facebook and Ray-Ban could perhaps make all the difference.

The social network doesn’t want to miss the next big platform after the smartphone. Mark Zuckerberg made it clear on this issue a few months ago: “We don’t have a product to present to you today, but I’m happy to announce that we have entered into a multi-year partnership that will begin with the construction and introduction our first smart glasses next year ”. 2021 will therefore be the year of connected glasses for Facebook, but certainly without the augmented reality component.

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