State of the art in B2B trade and product experience

Akeneo, a leader in product experience, met 1,600 B2B commerce experts to ask them about a topic they know particularly well: product data, how to manage and evaluate it. The idea behind this survey? Inventory of product information and product experience in 2020. In particular, when you download this white paper, you will see which countries are leaders in this field and which are lagging behind.


The first lesson that emerges is very clear: the product experience is a key element in customer satisfaction.

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You will find out by downloading the Akeneo e-book. However, this survey shows that the vast majority of B2B companies consider quality product information to be essential to the success of an omnichannel strategy. 95% of the professionals surveyed said they used product data for their marketing campaigns.

When Akeneo B2B commerce experts asks which criteria influence purchasing decisions the most, 61.5% estimate that product and brand values ​​are of crucial importance.

Akeneo also reminds that as new purchasing criteria such as corporate values ​​emerge, the product experience must be at the center of branding strategy.


The second lesson made in the study is that omnichannel and online sales are now a priority.

The main channel for promoting its products is the e-commerce website, just before social networks and online advertising. As you can see in this white paper, 58% of marketers surveyed said they used product information to refine their social media posts.

This survey made an interesting point: 53% of respondents say they consider using speech recognition technology to improve the customer experience. The study shows that these new channels will certainly bring some of the new challenges for B2B professionals with them. This increases the need to introduce product information management solutions that are specifically tailored to these requirements.

Download the study to access the full dataset of this great survey and enter 2021 with key product experience information for B2B professionals.


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