a free text generator to find the right hooks!

Words are essential these days. To explain concepts, to grab a website visitor’s attention, or to encourage someone to take action, such as: B. To click on a link, you have to find the right formula! A / B testing is good, and proper copywriting is even better.

Therefore, in order to attract users’ attention, it is necessary to find a relevant hook. Today it is an attractive text generator that we discovered. In addition, the tool is free! This text generator was developed by Sowaycom, a marketing lab that helps companies develop their target audience and attract new customers with appropriate marketing.

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An extremely easy to use text generator

The operation of this free text generator is very easy. It takes 65 steps. The first step is to define the benefits for the customer, for example “choose your training”. Then you need to write down the time it takes to get this benefit: 2 minutes, 3 months, 24 hours … The third step is to write an obstacle that the client may encounter, e.g. competencies “…

To continue you need to indicate who the customer is: professionals, students, entrepreneurs, etc. The fifth step is to define a number of points or criteria, for example “3 ways from …”. Finally, all you have to do is say the name of the featured product or service!

Finally, you have to hit the “Generate Teaser” button to get relevant phrases that can grab users’ attention!

Save time every day

From there about twenty sentences are suggested. It is thus possible to copy all the hooks, select a specific one or simply benefit from several relevant hooks. As mentioned above, A / B tests can be performed on these different sets to find the set that most encourages users to act.

This text generator is completely free. Before you begin, you can discover examples that have already been done regarding burnout, nutrition, accounting, or real estate! An easy-to-learn tool that saves time every day by showing only the most important words and lets the tool do the magic of creating enticing sentences.

The suggested hooks are updated regularly. These can be used in a button on a website, in a blog post, in the title of a Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram post. The possibilities are minimal!

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