Courses are driving vaccines: The leading Dax index is rising to a record high economy

The German stock index Dax exceeded 14,000 points for the first time. The leading index rose to a record level of 14,006.39 points during Thursday’s trading. Dax exceeded 13,000 points for the first time a good three years ago – October 12, 2017.

In the first days of January 2021, the barometer on the stock market rose by a good two percent. On December 30, the last trading day of 2020, Dax closed at 13,718.78 points. Two days earlier, the index reached a record level in mid-February at 13,795 points.

It also helps the recovery in China

The corona crisis caused the German benchmark index to fall to 8255 points in March, down 40 percent. Huge cash injections from central banks and governments for a locked-in economy have brought a huge point. With the end of most of the Coronian restrictions in the summer, the economy has recovered in many places. The recovery in China, the country where the coronavirus first appeared, helped.

On Thursday, M-Dax and S-Dax, indices of medium and small companies, also climbed to the maximum. The recovery came with the announcement of additional government spending by future US President Joe Biden. This should now have to allow for less political resistance, according to the latest information, the Democrats have also gained control of the US Senate – and thus over both parliamentary chambers. In addition, strong November orders from German industry in November and the approval of the second coronary vaccine in the European Union helped. DPA

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