TikTok launches LIDAR compatible filter

On January 6, TikTok introduced its first augmented reality filter that uses LIDAR technology on Twitter. This technology, which became popular with the release of the iPhone 12 Pro, offers better 3D detection of the surroundings. As a result, the realistic aspect of the filter and its integration are strengthened.

LIDAR is a technology that is widely used in stand-alone piping systems. With a performance far superior to that of the iPhone 12 Pro, the software can determine the distance between the vehicle and certain obstacles. This miniaturized technology offers owners of the latest generation of smartphones much more advanced augmented reality effects.

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However, the filter introduced on TikTok is not very innovative. It consists of an explosion of confetti to celebrate 2021, a few days after December 31st. When it’s not on time, its innovative aspect lies in its compatibility with LIDAR. After a quick scan of the area by moving your smartphone, you can see that the confetti falls to the ground with the right depth effects.

To ring in 2021, we’ve released our first AR effect on the new iPhone 12 Pro with LiDAR technology that allows us to create effects that interact with your surroundings and visually connect the digital and physical worlds. We look forward to developing further innovative effects in 2021!

– TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) January 6, 2021

However, the TikTok teams affirm that they intend to “develop more innovative effects in 2021”. This aspect is particularly noteworthy. The fact that the social network and its 800 million users are pushing for LIDAR-compatible augmented reality creation should accelerate adoption. However, few smartphones are still equipped with this technology, although it will quickly become the standard for the next generations. These filters are therefore reserved for an audience with an expensive high-end smartphone for the time being.

Since October, another social network has distinguished itself by releasing augmented reality filters compatible with LIDAR. Snapchat has always been at the forefront, launching several creations a few days before the iPhone 12 Pro was launched. From now on the developers have already been able to publish several dozen effects.

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