A complete tool for gathering information and measuring customer satisfaction through surveys

Many companies use various satisfaction indicators to assess customer satisfaction, including the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), the Net Promoter Score (NPS) or the Customer Effort Score (CES). Three different indicators both in their calculation and in the transcribed results. A company can also try to measure employee satisfaction. Surveys are often conducted to obtain these results.

Qwary is a comprehensive survey platform that enables companies to gather information to make data-driven decisions. The tool can be used to measure customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, but it can also be used for market research. Qwary is therefore very useful for people who work in marketing, CRM or more generally in data!

Easy collection of relevant data

Qwary offers a number of benefits, including making data collection fun and engaging, which results in a higher response rate. The tool also enables video polls to be conducted, for example to connect directly to customers, create stronger links and get detailed answers.

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This tool turns a video into an article!

Creating a survey on Qwary is very easy. You need to create a new project first. It is possible to start over or duplicate a model that has already been made. Depending on the objective of the survey, the best corresponding template can be selected. In the survey generator the questions can be changed, new ones created and the layout and colors adjusted. The survey preview is available at any time. When the survey is finished and activated, parameters can be defined to stop it on a certain date or after a certain number of responses.

Quickly readable data to help you decide

The survey can then be shared via email, a simple link or even via QR code, in Messenger, via SMS … All data is collected and is easy to read.

Currently, Qwary is on sale for just $ 59 and for life, instead of a $ 1,308 payout. For this price 5,000 answers per month, an unlimited number of surveys and questions, video surveys, but also on Facebook, NPS, CSAT, CES surveys, multilingual surveys, etc. A limited-time offer!

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