Facebook introduces new features in Pages

In a blog post published on January 6th, Facebook describes the new features that will be made available in the coming months on the mobile version of Pages, the tool for developing its brand and its audience. It is used in particular by companies, but also by influencers and celebrities.

So the number of “likes” now disappears to only show the number of subscribers. This makes sense, as it makes a brand’s actual success much more revealing: it’s possible that a person might have liked a few years ago but hasn’t followed them since to stop receiving their notifications. The number of subscribers, on the other hand, allows you to better know how many people are actually receiving notifications from this page.

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A question and answer function has also been implemented in Pages, with which users can get to know one aspect or another, but also page owners can create some kind of entertaining and engaging FAQ. When a page is followed, its comments appear under other pages’ posts in the comments section, while the icon that indicates a page is certified is more visible. In addition, Facebook announced the arrival of a newsfeed area specifically dedicated to the pages:

“For the first time, we’re bringing newsfeed power to Pages. Now sites can discover and participate in conversations, follow trends, interact with colleagues, and connect with fans. The special newsfeed also suggests new connections – other personalities, pages, groups, and trending content that interests a page or personality. “

Facebook has also considered dealing with its tool which will now be more fluid. For example, it’s easier to assign and manage administrator access permissions based on specific tasks such as previewing, viewing, content, and community activity and posting, all while ensuring the security and integrity of the accounts.

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg’s company explains that they have expanded their moderation tools: “We want Facebook to be a safe place to connect with fans. We have therefore improved our ability to identify activities that are not allowed on our platform, including hate speech, violent, sexual content or spam and identity theft. “

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