In 2020 Norway sold more electric vehicles than heat vehicles

Norway goes down in the history of the automobile. The Scandinavian country is the first country to sell more electric vehicles than heat vehicles. This is a world first. The Norwegian government even plans to further ban the sale of cars that run on gasoline and diesel by 2025. Radical decision.

54% of vehicles sold in 2020 are electric vehicles

In 2020, electric vehicle sales in Norway accounted for 54% of all new vehicles sold. This makes Norway the first country to have sold more electric cars than gasoline or hybrid cars (which are not considered electric vehicles). The Norwegian government has had an aggressive policy in this area for several years. With tax breaks and financial incentives. As you understand, the goal is to encourage the purchase of “sustainable” vehicles.

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The share of electric vehicles sold in Norway increased significantly between 2019 and 2020. According to official figures from the Norwegian Roads Association (OFV), it has increased from 42% to 54%, and the Covid-19 crisis has intensified.This trend has not changed despite a global slowdown in the automotive market. If we go back a few years, diesel cars made up 75.7% of the Norwegian automobile market in 2011. In 2020, these vehicles accounted for only 8.6% of sales.

The goal for 2025 is within reach

According to Øyvind Thorsen, Director General of the OFV: “We are on the right track to reach our target for 2025.” It is the Audi e-tron model that appealed to the Norwegians the most this year. The Tesla Model 3 comes in second. Experts in this market are still predicting good times for electric vehicles. The market is expected to continue to grow as new models hit the market.

Christina Bu, Director of the Norwegian Association of Electric Vehicles, explains: “We forecast that the proportion of electric cars sold in 2021 will likely exceed 65% of the market. If we succeed, the goal of only selling zero-emission cars by 2025 will be within our grasp. “In 2020, 500,000 electric vehicles were sold in Europe.

Sales of all-electric cars are exploding for several reasons. First, there is the tightening of regulations by the authorities, but also the growing demand from consumers. Automakers have understood that well. All of them, without exception, develop electric models and spend billions of dollars on research and development to improve the capacity of electric batteries.

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