Management of digital resources (photos, videos, documents …) in companies

Bynder, an intuitive and customizable digital asset management solution that helps companies reduce time-to-market, has just published a book called Managing Digital Resources for Dummies. In collaboration with authors St├ęphanie Diamond and Emily Kolvitz, Bynder specialists will help you understand the basics of a digital asset management solution and support you in understanding how digital resource management works and the benefits.


For several years now, the digital transformation has prompted companies to develop software that simplifies the creation and distribution of rich media (photos, videos, web content). With digital asset management, teams at the same company can benefit from all of this content. Marketing professionals agree that a DAM (Digital Asset Management) must combine 10 essential functions:

Ingestion: The ability to receive, download, and then edit resources. Security: The ability to keep documents safe, but also to restrict access to certain resources. Storage: The ability to save different types of data and their metadata. Rendering: Assets must be convertible to other formats and become part of the original file. Enrichment: Resources must be able to be enriched by adding or changing metadata or key figures. Matching: The ability to keep track of different versions and keep the original resources. Process: The system should have a regulated process that stores resources in a central system and sends them to different locations. Search: The ability to search to find and extract resources. Preview: The ability to view the resource without downloading it. Posting: The ability to allow users to share or link content outside of the system. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER

Specifically, a digital resource management system should enable you to improve the operational efficiency of your teams. A DAM, for example, minimizes the risk of outdated documents being used. The idea is also to increase marketing productivity: copywriters and content creators will no longer spend their time looking for the right content. You can also reduce costs as the resources are available anytime, anywhere.

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By downloading this e-book, you will learn the basics of a DAM solution and how implementing a digital asset management system can benefit your business.

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