With this extension you can get a readability rating for emails

We all read every day: e-mails, news, articles, etc. Reading can be fun when it’s simple and a puzzle when it’s too complex. A readability score is used to determine how easy it is to read text. The latter is based on the average length of sentences and words. There are tools to know if an email can be read in a few seconds or if it requires greater concentration!

The Gmail Inbox Readability Score is a quick way to calculate an email readability score. The tool is available as a Chrome extension, so it works on Gmail. The tool uses Flesh-Kincaid readability tests, a formula that was developed in the 1940s. The tool was developed by the teams at Summarly, a platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to measure the linguistic complexity of a text.

This is useful for prioritizing e-mails

The ratings received are as follows:

90-100 easy to understand for the average 11 year old 80-90 easy to read 70-80 fairly easy to read 60-70 easy to understand for students 13-15 50-60 fairly difficult to read 30-50 difficult to read better understood by college graduates 0-30 very difficult to read, better understood by college graduates

A questionable scale, but it may or may not give you a quick overview of understanding an email. In summary, a score of 60 or more means that the email is easy to read for the vast majority of people.

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The tool will therefore show the readability rating, the reading time required, as well as the level of study that a person can use to understand the email.

A tool in beta

A tool like the Gmail Inbox Readability Score makes it possible to determine the linguistic complexity of an email and thus prepare the time required to read it. Useful for prioritizing emails that are to be processed quickly or in a time-consuming manner.

The tool is currently in beta and only supports English. If the service is successful, it will be enhanced to support other languages ​​and platforms.

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