How can you improve your productivity with CRM?

In France, SMEs are constantly looking for new ways to optimize their time management. This is exactly what Salesforce, the world’s leading provider of CRM solutions, invites in its latest whitepaper.

Establish a sales pipeline

Salesforce points out in its whitepaper that a CRM can help you smooth the flow of incoming prospects and provide your sales reps with relevant information to close their sales faster. In this way, you will be able to optimize your time and observe a direct influence on your result.

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The Salesforce whitepaper shows various advantages and levers for productivity. The first is certainly the sales pipeline. This tool brings together all phases of a commercial process. When you identify a lead, you put it in that pipeline and then you can track all stages of that prospect’s “lifecycle” that culminates in their conversion into a customer.


At first glance, one might think that taking the time to nurture this pipeline with qualified leads is an ongoing effort on the part of the sales teams. Once this new process is in place, which may actually require a break-in period, companies see significant time savings in the medium and long term. The habit, once nicked, proves to be a real help in selling, monitoring and reporting, while making it possible no longer to miss out on deals with a forgotten incentive, for example.

If you download this white paper, you will find that using a CRM, your sales reps can keep track of the history of interactions with prospects and avoid various pitfalls such as:

Poor knowledge of a potential customer. Lack of visibility. Forget to meet with a customer

The cloud: an ideal solution for sellers

Salesforce experts explain that when this sales pipeline is hosted in the cloud, your sales reps can see the history of interactions with prospects and their customers. Most importantly, they can access it anytime, anywhere. This is especially important for traveling salespeople for whom mobility prevents quick access to information. The cloud removes a thorn in the side and allows them to focus on their real added value: sales.


The Salesforce whitepaper teaches that by providing a single communication channel for your sales reps to share and centralize information, you can avoid endless email loops and phone calls that can quickly break up and waste time. Find out in this e-book how the cloud offers the ideal solution for your teams to access all information about your customers and prospects in real time.

collect informations

You will see in detail that you need to gather important information about your potential customers in order to be successful in finding relevant and structured sales pitches. However, this approach is sometimes an ordeal if not everything is centralized and valuable time is spent working on its approaches, gathering more information, or discussing with potential customers.

By implementing a CRM solution, you solve this problem. The stakeholders have permanent access to a dynamic database that is updated in real time and consists of several elements:

Descriptive data of the customer, lead, or prospect. The history of the interactions. The history and purchasing preferences for the customers. The source of lead generation. The progress of the lead

Download the Salesforce whitepaper to learn how to optimize your sales force’s time. Then you are ready to implement your own strategy.


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