A tool that allows you to keep track of a site’s mentions in real time

To follow a topic or a mention, Google Alerts is often used. To follow links, there are various tools such as Google Analytics or monitoring tools. A wide variety of tools are available in the market. However, some are complex to use, and others are just too expensive.

Mentioned is an analytics tool that tracks the mentions of a website in real time. Once the site is mentioned, an email will be sent to let them know. The tool is available in a freemium version and allows you to track visits to the website through every link. Useful, for example, to determine effective partnerships.

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Mentioned was created by Daniel Rongo according to a personal need. He was managing a few websites for these clients and wanted a simple and easy tool for tracking URL mentions.

How works

Using the tool is very easy. You need to connect to Mentioned first. Then just add a website to the dashboard. It is also entirely possible to add and keep track of multiple websites.

Next you need to add the tracking code generated by the tool and before the -Tag insert. And that’s it ! From there the dashboard will show the total number of visits, the number of URLs, the visits generated …

The tool differs from Google Alerts in that it tracks links, urls, not keywords. In addition, a warning is sent in real time.
Note that the tool doesn’t just track mentions (links) that generate traffic. In addition, it is not possible to track traffic from social networks or from a source that masks the URL.

The free version of Mentioned allows you to add a website, enjoy 100 mentions and 2,000 visits, but no email notifications or support. Two paid plans are available for $ 12 / month / user and $ 19 / month / user, depending on your needs.

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