Shopify Shuts Down Official Donald Trump Stores

Another blow to Donald Trump. In response to the events of the Capitol Storm, Shopify announced the closure of the US president’s two official stores, the Wall Street Journal reported. In fact, the Canadian company believes the latter violated its policy against the excuse of violence.

Shopify is robbing Donald Trump of its ecommerce stores

Shopify is a company that makes it easy and quick to build online stores. The platform has been used by millions of merchants around the world and its customers included the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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Two shops were opened in his name. The first,, was its official store. The second,, was for its campaign. Both sold a variety of goods, including the famous Make America Great Again red cap.

Only here … Since Donald Trump took the Capitol, these two stores are no longer accessible. Shopify simply decided to remove them. When asked by the Wall Street Journal, a spokesman for the Canadian company said the President of the United States had violated the company’s policies against promoting violence:

“The President’s actions violate our usage guidelines, which prohibit the promotion or support of organizations, platforms or individuals who threaten or condone violence. As a result, we closed business related to President Trump. ”

Web companies protest against statements by the US President

Shopify joins the list of internet companies that decided to put Donald Trump’s accounts on hold after the Capitol conquered. Snapchat, the first, had decided on the same day to take “permanent restrictive measures on behalf of the President”.

A lighter sanction on the Facebook and Instagram side that increased his sentence by maintaining an indefinite suspension after announcing a mere 24 hour lockdown on the accounts of the current White House resident.

Ultimately, Twitter initially blocked the @ realDonaldTrump account for just 12 hours. After this deadline, blue bird’s social network issued a warning: If the president publishes a tweet that violates the platform’s guidelines, it will be permanently banned. Something promised: Less than a day after the release, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was banned once and for all.

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