An enhancement that improves the digital wellbeing of video conferencing

Video conferences are part of everyday life for many of us today. However, chaining daily meetings through your computer isn’t always a positive, and digital wellbeing can be questioned. Stress and fatigue can affect productivity and video conferencing … torture.

To improve digital wellbeing, Ben Flux and his team created Mindfulmeets. A free Chrome extension for Google Meet (coming soon to Zoom and Microsoft teams). The idea is to bring a little joy to remote working. In developing the product, the concerns of the employees who conduct video conferencing were taken into account in order to create a solution that motivates employees to participate in video conferences.

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A tool that improves productivity and digital wellbeing

Mindfulmeets offers different functions: Mindful Agenda: An agenda that is integrated into video conferences so that meetings are relevant and take place on time. Advantage: less fatigue and more productivity during the Mindful Media meeting: Allows you to add GIFs and emojis with everyone or just one favorite colleague, for example. Mindful Profile: Allows the person’s name to be displayed. but also the time zone in which it is located, the country and its position. Mindful reminders: Indicates when another meeting should begin. The information is shared with everyone and allows you to leave the meeting on time.

The extension also displays relevant notifications advising that, for example, a 5 minute break should be taken. In the future, ideas for activities could be suggested to improve everyone’s wellbeing during a work day.

A handy tool that reminds us that we are all human and that video calling has certainly become the norm, but that wellbeing shouldn’t be neglected in all of this.

The tool presented on Product Hunt a few days ago had some success and was voted product # 3 of the day. Among the feedback we can read: “Very good! I just tested it – very nifty and intuitive 🙂 “,” love the experience “,” sent a GIF and people laughed ”

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