German Travel Association: Shorter summer holidays would be manageable – economy

Due to the corona pandemic, German tourism could live with a shortening of the summer holidays. “For tourism, the length of the summer holidays is not a crucial issue, because people usually do not travel for six weeks, but rather two,” said Norbert Fiebig, president of the German Travel Association (DRV), from Tagesspiegel. However, it is important for industry that the federal states continue to coordinate holiday dates so that not everyone has school holidays at the same time. Due to the Corona crisis, there are demands from the CDU and the Child Protection Association to extend the Christmas and winter holidays and shorten the summer holidays.

Visitors unwanted. Barrier near Winterberg in Hochsauerland Photo: imago images / Rene Traut

Fiebig sharply criticized one-day hikers who travel en masse to German winter sports areas. “Such crowds are counterproductive.” Here, the common sense of each individual is necessary so that our freedoms are no longer restricted, “said the leader of the association.

In order to be able to travel on vacation again, Fiebig asked politicians to change their testing strategy. Mandatory quarantine for passengers returning from high-risk areas has led to sales losses of 90 to 95 percent for travel agents and tour operators. In conjunction with another mandatory entry test, which will apply from Monday, this is a “de facto travel ban”. The head of the DRV advocates the abolition of forced quarantine if returnees from risk areas can represent a negative corona test.

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