This tool allows you to create chatbots without having to code!

Chatbots are used more and more today. Special services in messenger, chatbots that are used for customer relationships on websites. Their uses are diverse and varied. While some companies don’t take the plunge for fear of complexity and excessive cost, I suggest that you discover a tool that will make creating a chatbot a breeze! BotStar is an online platform that makes it easy to create chatbots for your website or messenger without the need for any code, and that makes it possible to automate conversions, generate leads and make the work of your customer service easier!

In addition, you need to know more about it.

Build your chatbot and respond to your customers instantly

Create instant and personalized conversations with your prospects and customers thanks to chatbots created through BotStar. There are 4 display methods available on your website: integration with content, popup, full-page or classic live chat. BotStar supports over 170 languages.

No code is required here, the chatbots are developed “visually”. Put simply, the platform provides a visual editor that lets you imagine and create any scenarios that come to mind in the form of a river.

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To create these, just use the drag and drop technique and move and customize the pre-made and available blocks (text, image, video, audio, list, etc.) according to your needs as well as the various conditions. . BotStar also offers 70+ ready-to-use templates! For example, we can find chatbots for hotels, restaurants, health businesses, real estate, etc. Once your chatbot is ready, click the preview button to test it. If the latter is fine with you, click Publish or make some adjustments.

Train your chatbot to answer the correct message

BotStar allows you to connect to an NLP solution to train your chatbot to understand the words / phrases sent by users in order to make it respond as accurately as possible.

In the Manage tab you can reply to your customers in real time or create broadcasts for Messenger. The Audience tab allows you to view various information about your audience, such as: B. the interaction with your chatbot, its language etc.

In the “Automate” tab you can manage orders, reservations or even leads generated by the Chabot.

The tool also makes it easy to segment your target audience using tags. After all, BotStar integrates perfectly with thousands of applications, especially through Zapier.

Use BotStar for life for 49 euros instead of 3,300 dollars!

BotStar is one of the tools that was recently introduced through Appsumo. Depending on your requirements, you should be interested in one of the three formulas and the resulting discounts.

Single for $ 49 instead of $ 3,300 allows 50,000 sessions per month for 3 users. Double for $ 98 instead of $ 5,600 gives access to 6 users and enables 100,000 sessions per month. Mutliple provides access for up to 9 users and accepts up to 150,000 sessions per month

The feedback is excellent and underlined by a score of 5/5 out of 108 voters!

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