IBM appoints former Donald Trump advisor as vice president

As the end of Donald Trump’s mandate ends in unusual ways (particularly with the American president’s accounts being blocked on Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter), his former associates turn the page for other missions.

On Tuesday, January 5th, IBM announced the appointment of a former advisor to the 45th President of the United States, Gary D. Cohn, as vice president. The latter also becomes a member of the Administrative Committee.

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I am honored to come to @IBM as vice chairman. IBM is one of the world’s most important companies and offers technologies with which companies are agile and resilient in unpredictable times.

– Gary Cohn (@Gary_D_Cohn) January 5, 2021

According to a statement from the multinational computer company, the new employee will work closely with CEO Arving Krishna. His responsibilities will cover a wide range of “commercial initiatives and outside commitments in business development, customer service, public interest defense and customer relationship management”. The document does not specify the exact role of Gary D. Cohn in this wide range of activities.

Former investment bank chairman Goldman Sachs arrives as IBM wants to focus on accelerating its hybrid strategy that combines cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This new policy is also being adopted by several competitors, including Huawei, which has reinvented itself after American sanctions and Microsoft since 2017 after losing 3,000 jobs. Gary D. Cohn’s technological knowledge, coupled with his policy development expertise, would be an important asset to drive this path, according to the CEO of IBM.

Who is Gary D. Cohn?

At 60, Gary D. Cohn is an American investment banker and politician. He built his career over 26 years at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, holding successive management positions until he took over the presidency. He joined President Trump’s team between January 2017 and April 2018 to lead the government’s economic policy agenda. He has also carried out a major tax reform project to revive the country’s activities thanks to a massive tax cut for American companies and individuals. However, he gave up his duties in the White House because he disagreed with the “trade war” initiated by Donald Trump, particularly with regard to tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Since then, Gary D. Cohn has stopped advising a number of companies, including a cybersecurity firm and a blockchain start-up. Now Vice President of IBM, he will continue to chair his acquisition company, Cohn Robbins Holding Corp. in parallel with his new roles. to lead.

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