TikTok removes Trump videos related to Capitol Capture

Although Donald Trump does not have a TikTok account, he is extremely present on the platform as his supporters use the Chinese social network as a means of sharing his speeches. According to the information gathered by TechCrunch, those voiced as part of the events of the Capture of the Capitol are not welcome on the ByteDance platform.

TikTok removes some videos of Trump …

It’s the watered sprinkler. While Donald Trump has been trying to ban TikTok in the US for months, it is ultimately the Chinese social network that is the first to ban certain content related to the American president from its platform.

In the same category

Donald Trump is permanently banned from Twitter

The videos in which Donald Trump reiterates that the presidential election was rigged after he captured the Capitol are particularly targeted. In fact, TikTok believes these are against its disinformation policy. By trusting our colleagues at TechCrunch, the social network is a reminder that it encourages users to engage in respectful debate about issues that are important to them, but that it does not allow disinformation that could be harmful. to individuals, to a community or to a larger audience.

A position reinforced by an official press release in which the company stated: “Hate behavior and violence have no place on TikTok. Content or accounts designed to incite, glorify, or promote violence violate our community guidelines and will be removed. “

Note, however, that TikTok authorizes the broadcast of videos of Trump’s speeches in the context in which they are used by a third party user to restore the reality of the facts. These are seen as a means of combating disinformation and are therefore not blocked by the platform.

… and blocks multiple hashtags

Additionally, TikTok has decided to block dozen of hashtags related to capturing the Capitol. In particular, the search in the hashtags #StormTheCapitole and #PatriotPary no longer shows any results and redirects to the community rules of the platform, as well as many of its variants.

With these measures, TikTok is following in the footsteps of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, who have also decided to no longer continue Donald Trump’s disinformation campaign on their platform. Obviously, the capture of the Capitol electrocuted social networks.

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